Mark L. Ruffalo

Instructor of Psychiatry

Curriculum vitae

(813) 829-1804 (office)

Department of Psychiatry

University of Central Florida; Tufts University (Adjunct)

10335 Cross Creek Boulevard
Suite 15
Tampa, FL 33647


Doctoral Project

Ruffalo, M. L. (2019). Understanding schizophrenia: Toward a unified biological and psychodynamic approach. Psychoanalytic Social Work, 26(2), 185-200. doi:10.1080/15228878.2019.1616570

Selected Publications

Furiato, A. J., & Ruffalo, M. L. (2021). Psychologically-informed management of schizophrenia in the emergency department. Psychiatric Times.

Ruffalo, M. L. (2021). Psychotherapy as a medical treatment. Psychiatric Times.

Ruffalo, M. L. (2021). Pseudologia fantastica: A brief review. Academia Letters, Article 997.

Ruffalo, M. L. (2021, April 4). Revisiting Silvano Arieti on schizophrenia. Psychology Today.

Ruffalo, M. L. (2020). On the psychoanalytic treatment of conversion disorder. Psychiatric Times.

Ruffalo, M. L., & Pies, R. W. (2018, August 19). The reality of mental illness: Responding to the criticisms of antipsychiatry. Psychology Today.

Frances, A. J., & Ruffalo, M. L. (2018, July). Mental illness, civil liberty, and common sense. Psychiatric Times, pp. 14A-14C.

Ruffalo, M. L. (2018). The psychoanalytic tradition in American psychiatry: The basics. Psychiatric Times.

Ruffalo, M. L. (2017). A brief history of lithium treatment in psychiatry. The Primary Care Companion for Central Nervous System Disorders, 19(5), ii. doi:10.4088/PCC.17br02140